Are you ready to hire your first salesperson?
Are you scratching your head, wondering where to even begin finding your next sales superstar?
Are you wanting to ensure your new sales hire gets consistent sales results?
If the answer is YES, then look no further.
We have built a 5 day video series where you will have a new video tip everyday in your inbox on how to hire your first sales hire.

In this video series you will learn:

  • What to think about before you start the recruitment process.
  • Key expectations you need to have to ensure the new sales hire is successful
  • Best things to include on a job description
  • Where to find new talent and how to manage the recruitment process.
  • The onboarding process when you have found your new sales recruit
  • How you can support and mentor your new sales hire. 

Sounds great doesn’t it!

We’ve helped so many small businesses grow their sales teams and we’d love to support you with these practical tips.

To get access to this valuable information, we simply need a few details from you and then your first video will appear straight into your inbox.

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