Why the Word “No” is Not a Bad Word in Sales!

Written by: James White
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Let’s face it, “no” has pretty negative connotations!

No wonder so many salespeople think that hearing it during a sales meeting is a bad sign. It’s one of the shorter words in the dictionary, but it can cause some to become so flustered that they don’t take a sales action even when that means they could struggle to hit targets or event to lose their job!

A lot of people focus on “yes”, and waste a lot of emotional (and sometimes physical) energy on trying to steer meetings towards a series of “yes” answers to build some sort of positive momentum.

Imagine how much more power and confidence you could have if you actually embrace “no”! What could happen if you make “no” your friend? Instead of dreading it, how about getting excited to hear it?

In this video, I share with you how powerful the word No can be!

Introduction: 0:00
Put yourself in control of the situation:
Prepare for the word no:
Getting your prospect to say no puts them in control:

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