We are proud to be partnering with a select group of sports men and ladies.

They all have inspirational stories.

Which we believe can inspire us all to become the best at what we do.

Each of these individuals are making their unique mark on the sporting world.

 As business owners we have a few things in common with them!

Let’s meet some of our Sponsored Athletes

Cricket and Golf are both sports that require:




and the ability to take the right decision at the right time.

You need to develop a strategy and then execute on that to get the result you want.

In cricket a bowler wants wickets and to get those they need a plan and then to implement their skills to get the batter out.

The batter also needs a clear plan to score the runs they need to set up a chance of victory.

They need to develop a technique that works.

Then use this regardless of what gets thrown at them.

If they are careless then the chances are they get out or get smashed around the field!

Let’s meet some more of these incredible talents

The best cricketers are always developing their skills.

Always learning to bowl new balls or hit new shots.

They have to develop and grow or they get found out

Golf is no different.

Ever seen a beginner on a tough golf course?

It’s cringeworthy to watch. It’s simply not a fair contest.

To become successful you need to develop a strong technique and then practice to achieve results. The results are unlikely to happen straight away either. But with persistence and perseverance results can be achieved. Even the best golfers know though even with the best skills, if they don’t do what they should do they don’t get the results they want. The cricketers and golfers who we partner with share a passion like we do to grow, improve and get better. They are all working to become the best in their field and achieve success and I and the rest of the SBSA Team are proud to be sponsoring them along their journeys. 

– James White, Founder – SBSA