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Leads don't pay the bills Leads don't give financial security Leads don't make an impact Leads don't give time with family Leads don't pay salaries Leads don't scale your business

Sales does

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Updated: January 21, 2022

Hey Business Owner


You’ve worked really hard.


You’ve built a successful business.


You deliver an amazing service.


You’re an expert in your field.


You’re finally building a lovely long list of leads.


So what’s the problem?


You feel you are missing out on opportunities.


Enquiries are coming in.


But deep down you know you’re not winning the business that you should.


There’s never enough time to have every conversation with every new lead that comes in.


The leads are converting enough to meet your lifestyle needs


And you have a loyal fanbase of valued customers who appreciate your service


But your dreams and aspirations are bigger than that.


Scaling your business and

Making an impact isn’t just a fleeting conversation you have with your family across the dinner table.


It’s an obsession….


You lay awake at night trying to work out how you can grow and convert more of the opportunities that you have.


You spend countless hours training, supporting and praying your new sales person starts winning business more consistently very soon.


Weekend and after weekend you listen to podcasts and audibles, read linkedin articles, blog posts and watch youtube interviews


Digesting nuggets of gold that will help you grow and scale….


You know you’re stuck in the business


And you know you need to step out of it in order to grow and scale.


You’re desperate to build a business that doesn’t rely on you…


But HOW?!?!?!


Well first of all, take a breath.


We know this is all very overwhelming.


We know, because we’ve been there!


Converting sales consistently is hard!


But it’s the only way you’re going to be able to grow and scale your business.


So the sooner you figure it out…


The sooner you can play the role you’re meant to play in life-

The Chief Executive Officer (or Chief Vision Officer- yup we love Simon Sinek too 🙂 )

And we can support you…

We’ve supported so many business owners like you to convert leads into more sales consistently.

And doing this, you are able to invest more into your business


Grow, scale and make more impact.


In other words, live your dreams and fulfill your aspirations!


And just so we’re on the same page:

We are not a digital marketing agency

We’re not SEO experts

We won’t promise to 100x your social media followers

Now don’t misunderstand us.


We love leads


And we value every single company that helps you wonderful business owners fill the top of your sales funnels.


Leads are very impressive!

But alone, they don’t bring sales success…


And that’s where we come in!

We are The Small Business Sales Academy

We are Lead Conversion Experts


We live and breathe sales!


But it’s never about us. It’s always about you.


Imagine a world where:


You’re able to invest time and resources to grow your business


You’re able to serve more, support more and make a bigger impact


You’re able to leave the business in the capable hands of your wonderful team and take some time out!


You’re able to be more present at the dinner table or when you’re unwinding with a glass of wine and book in the evenings


You’re truly living your dream and not chasing it


Imagine waking up in the morning


Knowing your business is generating revenue consistently via a powerful bespoke sales engine run by an impressive team.


Exciting, and somewhat calming right?!?!


And we are really really really keen to make this happen for you.


We know we can get you there.


But, we also appreciate you’ll want to spend some time getting to know us before you say:


“Yes! Let’s do this!!”


And we get it. We’d do exactly the same.

So what do we suggest?



Soak up lots of our content

Gain lots of practical tips

And embed a few great tactics into your business straight away

resources, blogs and vlogs page.  <<< Click here, it is a real link!!!



Learn how we’ve helped other great businesses on their journey.

Meet Andrew, Alex and Jo. <<< Click here to read their stories!!



Go on a speed date with a Small Business Sales Academy Mentor

Ok, so not a real ‘speed date’, but

Book a 30 minute call with us


We promise:


The call will be all about you!


We will ask you questions and really listen.


We will share some practical tips and give you some guidance


And we promise, we won’t bore you to death with a sales pitch.


The call will be therapeutic and you’ll leave feeling lighter 🙂


Most importantly, there’s absolutely no strings attached.


No brainer right?!?!


So, whenever you’re ready:

The above was the talk, here is the evidence

Are you using the same old sales tactics but expecting different results? Stop!

Download this useful guide, it took us so long to create!!

If you don’t think it’s useful, tell us and we promise to buy you a coffee 😉

Are you using the same old sales tactics but expecting different results? Stop!

Download this useful guide, it took us so long to create!!

If you don’t think it’s useful, tell us and we promise to buy you a coffee 😉