What We Do
How we fix sales problems at the Small Business Sales Academy

Typical sales problems we fix, include:

Pressure to achieve numbers and stay ahead of the curve.
Driving consistent quarterly revenue growth, post covid.
Retaining and recruiting high-performing salespeople.
Relying on sales leaders to drive culture and performance.
Seeing old-school, cheap sales tactics being used by salespersons.
Upskilling the Business Development Team, but they have limited sales experience.
Up-skilling salespeople to Sales Leaders and CEO standards.
CEO and Sales Leaders having to get involved and close deals for salespeople.

We fix sales problems using our 7-Figure Sales Programme™

Every sales problem can be solved with the 6 fundamental areas of selling.


Putting the foundations in place for consistent sales success.
Businesses that don’t spend time and energy building strong sales foundations, will experience inconsistent revenue.


Understanding the way humans think, behave and buy.
How and why do prospects decide to take certain decisions and what makes them do this? Take a drive into the sales-psychology of human behaviour.


Identifying, engaging and building an initial rapport with prospects.
Your marketing and sales efforts must create intrigue and attention through serving before selling.


Getting to know and nurturing your potential customer.
Do your potential clients walk away from you feeling like you get them? 70% of sales is applied in “understanding”. You can't afford to get this part wrong!


Knowing your potential customers know, like and trust you.
We believe sales is like dating. You wouldn’t ask someone you’re courting to marry you after a few dates would you?


Winning and delivering the business.
There’s a right time and a right way to close your prospect. Get this wrong , and you will ruin all the hard work done to get them this far.

The SBSA are experts at helping:

B2B Financial Services

Including Insurance & IFA’s



Asset/Wealth Fund Managers


Financial training and advisory


Being able to invest in the growth of your business, without worrying about where the capital is going to come from.

No more sleepless nights figuring out how you can better support your sales team.

A world where the team doesn’t need you! 

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Plan your next big strategic business move?

Hire more team members to help you execute it? 

Create a better work-life balance?

Start another business?

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