Updated: December 1, 2022

Hi, I’m James White and I am the founder of the Small Business Sales Academy.


You’re here on this website reading this because you want to grow and scale.


You don’t want to hear about my life story.


If you are interested in my life story then I am honestly flattered and let’s meet for a coffee.


But here is the brief overview…


I have loved sales since the age of 11 and you could say it is ingrained in my blood.


I have 30 years plus experience in sales. ( You’re probably thinking there is no way that could be true you don’t look a day over 21 🙂


During lockdown I launched the Small Business Sales Academy.


I then grew my team and have been supporting more and more small business owners.


We support them to develop their sales visions, build sales strategies, help them to support and recruit sales teams.


I get how hard it is to have your own business.


I have the scars and many grey hairs to show this.


My approach to sales is super simple.


You can’t learn fancy words and expect to get immediate results.


Consistent sales success requires practice, hard work and a need to challenge yourself.


My sales team and I really love sales!


We are totally fascinated by the art of selling.


We have sold everything from computer networking to education training programmes.


We understand how people buy and also understand what a massive rollercoaster ride sales is!


We have been in business since 2005 and have built and helped over 3000 small businesses to achieve incredible sales results.

See what these three business owners had to say about what we do here at the Small Business Sales Academy.
Jo Long

“I would highly recommend the SBSA to any small business owner. James has helped us find new customers and win new business and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”

Helen Heyns

“Thanks to the SBSA, I created a very detailed persona to suit my target market. I refreshed my strategy, offerings and branding. Which I’m over the moon about!”

Alexander Seery

“I have loved every minute of working with the SBSA. Most importantly the SBSA has a wealth of sales knowledge and experience which is helping me engage more effectively with my prospects!”

Jo Long 
Founder of Culture Stretch

Helen Heyns 
Founder of Love Lifestyle

Alexander Seery
Founder of Shifts to Success

Let me introduce you to my work family!

Founder of the Small Business Sales Academy/The Small Business Sales Expert


Head Sales Mentor




Head of Digital Marketing 

Operations Specialist /
VA to James White

We envision a world in which business owners are free from financial anxiety.

A world where they can

Achieve More! Earn more! Enjoy more stress free time! Have more time with loved ones!

We have a clear mission.

By 2025 we want to have equipped 10,000 businesses with the sales tools and strategies they need to secure a consistent monthly income.


Here at the Small business Sales Academy values are not just words

Our values


When we make mistakes (which we do) we look back and say what can we LEARN from this experience? How can we turn this into something positive?


When we interact with anyone, we do so with RESPECT. It matters not where they come from and what path they have taken, they are people and have feelings just like us.


When something didn’t happen that should have, we don’t point the finger at others. We look in the mirror as the blame often lies there. Being ACCOUNTABLE matters. It feels good to take ownership and say ‘I was responsible for that’


When you meet or speak to us we want our PASSION to shine through. Not just for selling but for what we can do to serve and to make a difference.


When we release a piece of work or launch something new, we look back and say ‘we are proud of that’. It has ‘QUALITY’ written all over it and it’s the best we can do.

Words are easy though. Action is much harder.

Do you think we are living out our values?

If you don’t then tell us.

We would love to know where we went wrong.

30 years on and we are still studying human behaviour and what makes someone decide to say: “Yes, let’s go ahead and do this.”

However we don’t just give out the advice.

Our story is still being written.

Being honest it probably won’t ever be finished.

Intrigued to find out more don’t hesitate to ...