Founder of the Small Business Sales Academy/ The Small Business Sales Expert

James is the Founder of the Small Business Sales Academy and has got 30 years + sales experience. He first started out when he was younger out on the Country Fayres with his dad. James is fascinated by understanding how, what and why people buy things.

James uses all his experience and knowledge to support small business owners to get consistent sales results. He loves working with ambitious business owners especially service- based business owners that sell services for 4 figure fees who want to grow and scale.

When James is not out supporting small business owners, you will find him out  on the golf course or watching a cricket match!

James is also always on the lookout for new personal challenges, he has taken on the Weston Half Marathon, The David Goggins Challenge and many more. 

Want to get in touch with James reach out on any of the social buttons above or email here on – james@thesbsa.com