Head Sales Mentor

Nisha Vyas-Joseph serves as the Head of Sales and Mentor at The Small Business Sales Academy.

Her passion for building businesses began straight out of university when she set up a food trailer selling vegetarian meals to city workers in London.

Two years later, at the age of 25, she opened an Indian vegetarian restaurant in the middle of Soho. The restaurant no longer exists, but the food trailer is still going, 20+ years later.

Since then, Nisha has accumulated 10+ years experience selling into the banking & finance, education and fashion industries, leading global sales teams turning over £2m+ a year. She’s also built two businesses in the B2B sector.

She’ll be the first to share stories of the mistakes she’s made in business with the aim to help others on their journey.

When she’s not building relationships with small business owners and helping them grow their sales teams, you’ll find her sipping a cocktail or two on a london rooftop with friends or cooking her nan’s recipes in her east london kitchen with spotify playing in the background. 

Want to get in contact with Nisha, Connect on Social Media or email at