You have a great business.
You make an impact in the world.
You want success.
You deserve success.
Our job is to help you bring this to life.

We know this section is supposed to tell you how great we are. How much we have achieved and how successful we have been.

But that just feels wrong and being honest, it’s just not us.

Sure we care (more than you can ever imagine!) and we know our stuff, but what drives us is the impact we make and the way we make our customers feel.

But we know that you want to know who we are, what we have done and what makes us able to advise, support, help, inspire and achieve results for business owners similar to yourself…

Who we are

We are a team of people (led by our Founder James) who love sales and are totally fascinated by the art of selling. We have sold everything from computer networking to education training programs and so we understand how people buy and we understand the roller-coaster that sales is. We have been in business since 2005 and have built and helped over 3000 small businesses to achieve incredible sales results.

We are authentic, we are real, we are human and we are genuine. Every website ‘About Us’ will tell you the same but we really are. The only way you can find out is to say hello. So what’s stopping you…

Jo Long

“I would highly recommend SBSA to any small business owner. He has helped us find new customers and win new business and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”

Jo Long Business
Founder of Culture Stretch

Helen Heyns

“Thanks to SBSA, I created a very detailed persona to suit my target market. I refreshed my strategy, offerings and branding. Which I’m over the moon about!”

Founder of Love Lifestyle

Alexander Seery
“I have loved every minute of working with SBSA. Most importantly SBSA has a wealth of sales knowledge and experience which is helping me engage more effectively with my prospects!”


Our vision

We envision a world in which business owners are free from financial anxiety. A world where they can achieve more, earn more, and enjoy far more stress-free time with their partners and families. We provide the practical tools and strategies to achieve consistent sales success but most importantly, we believe in those we work with and give them the confidence and drive to become the best they can be.

Our mission

To have equipped 10,000 businesses by 2025 with the sales tools and strategies needed to secure a consistent monthly income so that they and their family can be free from financial worry.

Our values

Values are not words but day to day actions.

They are the traits which are not forced but which come naturally if you work for the right company.

Here at The Small Business Sales Academy, we have a set of values which act as the compass to how we operate.

They aren’t just words to us.

They are the words in our stick of rock.


When we make mistakes (which we do) we look back and say what can we LEARN from this experience? How can we turn this into something positive?


When we interact with anyone, we do so with RESPECT. It matters not where they come from and what path they have taken, they are people and have feelings just like us.


When something didn’t happen that should have, we don’t point the finger at others. We look in the mirror as the blame often lies there. Being ACCOUNTABLE matters. It feels good to take ownership and say ‘I was responsible for that’


When you meet or speak to us we want our PASSION to shine through. Not just for selling but for what we can do to serve and to make a difference.


When we release a piece of work or launch something new, we look back and say ‘we are proud of that’. It has ‘QUALITY’ written all over it and it’s the best we can do.

Words are easy.
Action is much harder.
Do you think we are living out our values?
Let us know if we’re not.
We’d love to know where we went wrong and how we can learn and grow.

Tell us here if we are not and where we got it wrong.

Our Story

Sales was something I loved from the age of 11 and it’s been in my blood ever since. My father was in sales and the art of selling was something I learned from an early age. “What will make them buy from you and how can you get them on your side?” my dad always used to say.

– James White – Founder of the Small Business Sales Academy

James is the small business expert. He is a keynote speaker, author, trainer and mentor for ambitious small business owners.

Through the building and growing of his own small businesses, James has adapted 20 years of his own sales mistakes and successes and developed a practical method that small business owners can use to achieve a consistent, secure and stable income in their own business.

James has been mentoring business owners for several years now to achieve some incredible results. He launched the Small Business Sales Academy during lockdown and has since supported 12 ambitious business owners who have a passion to take control of their businesses and achieve financial control and business freedom.

He understands the pressures of being a small business owner but provides through his academy the support, confidence and insight to allow great business owners to achieve even more.

What stops you from joining them?

30 years on and we are still studying human behaviour and what makes someone decide to say ‘Yes lets go ahead and do this, I want to buy’.

We started this mentoring and training business some 4 years ago but we have, through other companies, been advising great entrepreneurs on how to get better sales results since 2005. We don’t just give advice though, we have actually sold products and services ourselves.

Our story is still being written and it probably won’t ever be finished. We are a group of humble people who care about seeing great business owners succeed and work each day to try and live out the vision we have.