How to build trust to win more sales

Written by: James White

If you’re going to get a prospect to say yes, they must do one major thing in order to make the deal go ahead. They must trust you.

Here are several things that you can do to build trust in who you are, what you do, the service you offer and hopefully get your prospects to want to work with you.

The reality is you can have the best service and be the best salesperson and be so good at what you do but if the other person that you are trying to sell to doesn’t trust you to deliver on the promises that you make, you are not going to be able to do business.


I do a lot of presentations, meetings and training sessions, and people already have some sense of trust of who I am. I’ve been able to share expertise knowledge on my YouTube channel and in my Facebook group and other areas where I share value.

I give insights that can help small business owners and help them win business, so automatically I’m seen as an expert in that field. It builds more trust in me and what I do and how I get results.

You’ve got to focus on doing the same thing. How do you show that you’re an expert in your field? How can you show that you’ve got the knowledge that will make your ideal prospect think “wow, they are really helpful”?

You need to share your expertise and your knowledge and be visable in order to make people feel that they can start to trust you and start to engage with you.


People don’t really want to work with people whom they think are doing it for their own ends and trying to serve themselves.

You build trust when you’re able to share thoughts and ideas that can help your audience do better and get better results. Have a humble confidence about the way you act. Focus on the other person and what is right for them, not just what is right for you.

When you start to give people value (or methods for them to solve a certain problem) that aren’t focused on just you earning money, it helps people to build trust in their mind. If you do this on a regular basis, it is going to continue to help build up trust.

Be that humble person that can step back and focus on the other side and show the value that is in it for them. Do this and you will be on the right track to winning more sales.


Do what you say you will. If you have said you are going to be at an event, then turn up. If you say you will send an email on Friday, make sure you send it.

Woody Allen made a great quote. He said, “showing up is just 80%”.

We’ve got to be able to show up, and show that we are doing what we said we would do. What that does is build up dependability and trust in the mindset of your prospect/client.

When you do what you say will, time and time again, this will reinforce in the other persons mind that you are dependable. When you then come to promise them a solution to a challenge they’ve got they are going to remember the times you delivered before, and trust you to be able to deliver the solution for them.


Have some integrity and openness about who you are. Show your principles in the way you act. People like to trust and feel that they can work with people who are what they say they are.

I’ve seen some lots of incredible educators that will lavish themselves around on private jets and Ferraris (that they’ve hired for the day) to make themselves look good. People see through this, it just doesn’t work! It makes them seem to be focused on the glory and the riches rather than serving and helping other people.

Focus on your integrity and the principles that matter. What are the things that you won’t do even no matter, how much money gets thrown at you? Or, what are the steps that you wouldn’t want to action regardless of what the opportunity is.

Know what your moral principles are, and stick to them. This will help build trust in who you are and what you do. People can see what you stand for and what are your true values. For me, it’s about kindness and supporting people. I’m happy to give my time and ideas because that’s what I care about. Focus on your values and what matters to you!


I often see many business owners be afraid to say or do something because they are worried that people will think they are weak, or they worry about people’s perception of them.

We often put on a facade to cover us from things.  What that does is it makes other people think that “it’s too good to be true” and “somethings not quite right”. Some of my best videos and moments have come from where I have been honest and open about the many mistakes I have made. I am not going to ignore them and pretend that I am perfect.

I always say you would never trust a skinny chef, and you should never trust a mentor that has never made a mistake. 

Be open and vulnerable and share where you have made errors.  Be open and vulnerable to be able to say that you’re not perfect and that you do make mistakes and therefore you’re going to learn from those mistakes and move forward and deliver what’s required to get the deal done. 

Being vulnerable helps create an openness to who you are and it gets the other side to think that you’re not someone that’s always just saying things are great when deep down everyone knows its not the case. It will build trust and get you winning more business.

There you go my 5 top tips on building trust in sales. Put these into practice today and look at things from your prospects perspective.  Focus on what you can do to build trust, it’s the critical factor in sales and when you get it right great business happens.

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Publish date: 16 June 2022

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