I’m a Waffler!

Written by: Nisha Vyas-Joseph


Not so much now, but gosh, I remember the days when I used to waffle through sales conversations, waffle on about my business at networking events (mainly out of fear the conversation will halt and there will be an awkward silence), waffle on dates (for the same reason). 

Honestly, I had more “waffle” in me than Birds Eye!

And that was until I started working on a few things: 

  • Preparing my one-liner for when people ask me what I do. 
  • Learning to ask the right questions on dates, networking events and sales conversations and preparing! Preparation is key.
  • Feeling comfortable with silence, giving people a chance to think and reply to questions, and also giving myself a chance to think and reply with clarity.

Consciously working on these things has not only helped me form better relationships but it’s given me so much more confidence as a person. 

And so, to all my fellow wafflers, I really recommend working on it. Think about how you’re going to answer the  “what do you do?” question, prepare a few questions before meetings, and practice holding back when interacting with people. 

Good luck my dear friends and share your thoughts. I’d love to know whether this is a “thing” for you or whether I’m the only waffler in the world 🙂 

Publish date: 2 November 2021

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