Why is your hot lead saying no to you?

Written by: James White

You’ve got this lead and they’re perfect for you and you’re perfect for them, but it is just not going anywhere.  

You’re wondering  to yourself, “why is this happening!?”

I’m going to give you the key reasons as to why this happens and what you can do to change it and win the business.


One of the keywords I talk to many business owners about is relevance.

People don’t buy (or don’t move forward with projects) because it’s simply not relevant to them right now.

For your prospect, there is a gap between what you are sharing with them and what they are interest in.  If you don’t find the sweet spot and share what is going to be relevant to them, their decision process  will be affected and they won’t move forward.

How can you change this?

Ask the right question to know what is important to them, and how important this is to them.  Use this information to ensure that what you’re offering is completely relevant and important to your prospect.  

Support them with information that will make them feel that it’s something they must resolved. If you do that you will be in a better position to move forward and win the business.


There is not enough reward for them in saying yes to your service.

They’ve weighed the scaled and decided that there is not enough reward in it for them to say yes to your service, so instead, they’ll put it behind  them and go in another direction. 

How can you change this?

Focus on the rewards:  the emotional rewards and the tangible outcomes they are going to gain from purchasing your service.

  • How is it going to make them feel?
  • How is it going to make them look?
  • How is it going to help them be portrayed to other people?


Highlight those elements, and show them the impact of what you can do.  That is going to get them to want to move forward!

Ask them how much the outcome means to them and what would be the implications of not getting this resolved or not putting something in place.

Find out what the reward is for them and you will be on the path to success.


Simply put, they don’t believe that you can solve their problem (or help them achieve their goal) the way that you said you would.

Prospects won’t buy if they can’t picture the problem free future you have promised them.  They don’t think it’s real, and they don’t think it’s going to happen.

I had one prospect say to me “you salespeople come here and try to create miracles and it’s not going to happen.” Even though I was in a strong position to help (helping them achieve a distinct value advantage that was going to help someone save lots of money), they couldn’t picture it and didn’t believe me. 

How can you change this?

Your job is to bring the solution alive!  Showcase your expertise by showcasing your clients (similar to your prospect) who you have helped, and ask them, “what do you need to see in order to feel more comfortable that this could happen?”

Bring your solution to life, make it real for your prospect, offer value, and make it relevant to them. Do this, and they’re more likely to say yes!

When you’re working with that hot lead you want to bring them over the line and focus on these three things.

  1. How relevant are you to their world right now?
  2. What reward are they going to gain from working with you?
  3. How realistic have you made it?

Doing these things will help you get the business over the line.

Have these three tips given you an idea of what to do when that hot lead is saying no?  

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Publish date: 27 May 2022

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