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Struggling to hire millennials?

I was speaking with the HR Director of a large company last week and we were discussing the problems faced when recruiting for sales positions.

Being Ghosted

Have you had a conversation with someone and then it has gone all quiet? We have all been there. We have had great sales conversations

Why is your hot lead saying no to you?

You’ve got this lead and they’re perfect for you and you’re perfect for them, but it is just not going anywhere.   You’re wondering  to yourself,

How to develop your sales skills

People often ask whether if Sales is a natural thing or is it something you can nurture and develop. I am going to share with

How to close deals successfully

In this blog I am going to share with you a few phrases that you can use to close successfully, but also going to share

Why persistence is key in sales

So many business people give up on opportunities and actually miss out on sales because they don’t show enough persistence in selling. People say “James

How to convert leads into sales

Many of the CEO’s we support explain that their biggest frustration is that they get leads coming into their company, but they then struggle to